KnappTime Adoption Rescue and Education (KARE)

KnappTime Adoption Rescue and Education (KARE) are a rescue and a temporary sanctuary facility for exotic birds that operates in North Carolina. Throughout the period the birds are at KARE, we provide them with a stable and loving home. We offer birds for adoption and don’t sell or breed them. Every day, there are many rescued birds waiting with a hope to find a family. It is important to save or rescue birds but, it is more important to educate people about this. So, we do both rescuing and educating, here, at KARE (KnappTime Adoption Rescue and Education). Educating people about bird adoption is the most important part of the process because every living being has the right to be happy and that every living being includes birds also. KARE is not only about bird adoption, it is also educating about bird adoption. Because, if we ask you to adopt birds from KARE, you will adopt then, that’s it. On the other hand, if we educate you about adoption and its effects on nature, you can pass on the knowledge to others. So, educating about adoption and its effects on nature is a greater success to us, than adoption.

Why should I adopt and not buy?

Adoption of birds is a process of taking responsibility, helping and in short, parenting the birds from other parents. Bird Adoption is better and more advisable than buying. There are some reasons for that. The adoption process is inexpensive and cost-effective unlike, buying or purchasing which involves a high amount of money. Abandoning and abusing, birds and animals, has increased and rescued by organizations like KARE. Some people realize that they are inefficient of taking care of their pet bird or animals because of which they come and release them at KARE. So, adopting them gives you, a satisfaction of saving a life and also the bird that is adorable and smart. Buying them is not a solution because buying them is the main reason for the pet trade, which has caused this situation in the first place.

As the people were buying them, so, there was a demand, to supply the demand; pet traders bred the birds excessively, which then, took an ugly turn, which now became the sole cause for the increase in thebirds, their abandons and abuses. After realizing this, people started adoption centers, knowing about adoption, why not to buy pets. Now, many birds are adopted and are not bought. But, educating the people about this helps the birds in a bigger way. Hence, talking about bird adoption helps, so that, people recognize the cruelty in the name of the pet trade. Knowing this, willmake more people to adopt birds and give them a life. People who are educated in bird ownership take proper care of the pet birds. Proper care includes the environment, shelter, food, water and the needed interaction. But, other people just notice their chirping voice and the height they fly. So, bird adoption is better than buying and is important.

Why birds better than other pets?

If you feel lonely in a one-room home, want a pet and feel good, then, adopt a bird especially, a parrot. Lost your pet? Need a pet that is not just a pet more like a companion or a buddy? Then, birds are the best choice for you. There are many reasons to say that birds are better pets. The main reason is they are so adorable, we feel like doing anything for them but, if you want logical reasons, here you go. They are easy to maintain. Birds need very less grooming. Other pets need shampoo bath, expensive haircuts, and etc. On the other hand, birds need us to only preen their feathers. Also, birds need low maintenance, unlike other pets who roam around, birds only need their cages. Unlike other pets, which need expensive food to feed, bird’s food is cheap. Amongst birds and the other pets, birds are smarter as it is found that they have problem solving skills. The most important reason, birds are long living just like human beings so, that they will be companions for life. These are the logical reasons that prove birds are the better pets. Let us take parrots as example. They are loud, messy and most important one, not all parrots talk. They need interaction and stimulation and as you start interacting, you realize and sense the impact they leave in you. Then, you also become parrot parent and will start advocating how much better you feel as a parrot parent than being a normal person. No normal person will understand the feeling you get with them. If that is the unconditional love is what you want from pets, then, birds are the best pets for you. So, this is how birds are better than other pets.

Process of adopting a bird

  • 1

    Find the right bird

    First, visit our website and go through the list of birds and their characteristics as well as their adaptability to your location’s climatic conditions and it is necessary to take a look the birds’ food habits.

  • 2

    Fill the application form

    Once you have decided what bird you are going to adapt then you can proceed to this step, click on the adoption application to fill it. There would be some simple questionnaire and this will be reviewed by the adoption committee.

  • 3

    Undergo the Interview

    As an initial process, you will have a telephonic interview with the adoption committee who will evaluate your stability both mentally and financially to raise the bird in your place.

  • 4

    Get inspected

    Once your interview has been cleared then the committee members will inspect your house or the place where you have planned to raise the bird, the objective of the committee’s visit to your place is to make sure that you possess all the facilities to raise a bird in a human habitation.

  • 5

    Complete the process and adopt

    Once this is checked and the adopter should visit the center to take the bird home by going through the formalities that are done as paper works. We don’t ship the birds as the birds might feel some uneasiness during the journey so please don’t ask us to ship to your address as they aren’t objects, and unlikely the airlines’ cargo will not allow this process and they feel this unacceptable.

About KnappTime Adoption Rescue and Education

KnappTime Adoption Rescue and Education (KARE) are a rescue and a temporary sanctuary for exotic birds. Neil Knapp, the president of KnappTime group believes that adoption of birds helps the family to get a pet and the pet bird gets a family in return.At KnappTime, our belief is that the adoption of birds will eradicate their homelessness, and make them happy. So, we don’t sell or breed birds instead, take care of them and offer them for adoption. Our team wants to just act as a bridge between the owner and the birds because to be happy, make lives around you happy.


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